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Enhanced feature to perform customer credit limit checks when shipping sales order dispatches

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This enhanced feature will perform a check against the customers' credit limit when attempting to ship a sales order dispatch. It looks at the customer record in Xero to determine their outstanding balance, adds the value of the current dispatch you are attempting to ship, then determines if this value will exceed the credit limit value specified for the customer in Omono.

There are several options available for determining what can happen when a customer is over their limit:

  • Shipping is not allowed

  • Shipping is allowed by admin users only

  • Shipping is allowed by any user

The mode of operation will depend on your business policies and is configurable within the Omono Integration for Xero.

Important: Before enabling this feature, please ensure that you have reviewed your customers' in Omono to ensure they have the correct credit limits specified.

Navigate to the Omono Integration for Xero setup page, hover over the 'Integration Settings' menu and click 'General Options'

Choose the appropriate option for your business from the 'Perform Pre-Shipping Credit Limit Check' drop down

Click the white tick at the top right to save

The setup is now complete!

When you attempt to ship an order and the customer is over their credit limit, you will see a warning message in the shipping modal as shown below. In this example we have configured the system to allow shipping if over the credit limit so the 'Yes' button to ship is still available.

If you choose not to allow shipping when over the credit limit, or only admins can ship, and the user was not an admin, you would see the below modal instead.

Please note, that in the event that Omono cannot retrieve the customer record from Xero (perhaps it's not synced due to errors or there is a technical issue with accessing the Xero API) then a warning that the customer record could not be checked will be shown. However, regardless what setting you have selected, the system will still allow the dispatch to be shipped by any user in this scenario.

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