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Monitoring Your Xero Sync

How to see if everything is running well with your Xero sync

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Although issues are extremely rare, we do recommend keeping an eye on your integration logs on a regular basis to ensure you are aware of anything that may require your attention. It's especially prudent to do this before you prepare any figures or reports from Xero that depend on the data received from Omono.

We provide a in-depth log viewer that will enable you to easily see what has been successfully sent to Xero along with any errors or warnings that you may need to take action on.

You can access your Xero logs by clicking the 'Reports' button in the navigation area.

Choose 'Xero Sync Logs' from the list of reports.

You will be shown the most recent sync by default. Generally, you only need to view the last sync to see any problems, however, should you wish to go back further or narrow the search criteria, you can use the advanced filters along the top of the report to either expand or narrow the range of logs displayed.

It's also possible to export the logs to an Excel or CSV file by hovering over the 'Download' button in the grey tool bar and selecting your preferred format. This can be useful if your integration syncs significant amounts of business data.

In the below screenshot, we can see that a single company was successfully synced with Xero.

The 'Actions' column on the far right provides quick navigation links to relevant items for the log entry. Also, for transparency and audit purposes, you can choose to view the raw low-level data structures that were sent and received between Omono and the Xero API, most users should never need to view this level of detail, but it's there if you need it!

If there are any items that require your attention, they will be shown in red, as shown below.

All errors are presented in plain english, so it should be reasonably straight forward to understand what action is required to resolve them in most cases, but should you need any further assistance just get in touch with us via the online chat or email [email protected]

It's also worth mentioning that you can sort the log entries by clicking on the column headers, each click will alternate between ascending or descending order.

For ease of use, we also include a 'Sync Now' button in the grey tool bar, this can be used even if you are automatically syncing on a scheduled interval - useful if you need to get all your outstanding data over to Xero quickly before preparing your financial figures or reports. The logs automatically refresh every 10 seconds so you should see your sync in progress in near real-time.

If you need to hop over to change or check any settings for the Xero Integration, you can jump straight there by clicking the 'Integration Settings' menu item.

That pretty much covers everything you'll need to keep your Xero integration running smoothly!

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